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Eagan leaves Herald, will write for Globe’s Catholic site

Margery Eagan

Margery Eagan

Longtime Boston Herald columnist Margery Eagan has left the paper and will write for The Boston Globe’s Catholic website when it debuts later this summer. Eagan is a colleague at WGBH, where she cohosts “Boston Public Radio” with Jim Braude.

“I’ll be joining the Catholic site when it begins,” Eagan tells me by email. “And I am thrilled.”

Eagan has been one of the Herald’s signature columnists for quite a few years; here is her most recent effort. This is a big loss for the local tabloid — a day after the paper announced it had hired Kimberly Atkins to be its first full-time Washington reporter in a decade.

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  1. Peter Sullivan

    Good for her… Margery is a great lady and will add a lot in that capacity. I Wish her well.

  2. Martin Callaghan

    Does she stay with the Radio Show?

    • Dan Kennedy

      @Martin: Yes. I’m not 100 percent certain her job at the Globe will be a staff position. I asked but didn’t get an answer. But I assume she now considers WGBH to be her day job.

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