September 1, 2016. As many people who run news-related websites have observed, on-site comments are withering away while the real conversation is taking place on Facebook. You can approve or disapprove, but that’s the reality. Thus a number of news organizations are giving up on comments posted to their own sites and focusing exclusively on Facebook—and, to a lesser extent, other social media such as Twitter.

The latest to do that is NPR, whose ombudsman explains the rationale here. And I’ve decided to do the same thing with Media Nation. In the past year or so I’ve found that my posts spark some very interesting, in-depth conversations on Facebook, and very little action on this blog.

So I’ve turned off the commenting feature and encourage you to use Facebook instead. You’ll find links to all of my Media Nation posts in my public feed, which means that there is no need to friend me (unless we know each other in real life, please don’t). You’ll find additional content as well.

I also post links to Media Nation on Twitter, so you may comment there as well. You’ll find my Twitter feed, @dankennedy_nu, in the right-hand rail.

3 thoughts on “Commenting

  1. Linda Clayton

    Discovered your show, Most excellent talk host, pleasant and so patient with callers, you greet them like friends.Cant get your signal in warmer months, will miss Nightside.
    Do look forward to listening every evening. .
    Kind regards Dan, You bring so much relaxation to this senior.

  2. I regret that commenting has largely moved to Facebook. Facebook feels very cramped to me, like being in a crowded store, or something — for me, Facebook is not nearly as conducive to composing a response as a blog page is. But I accept that things change.

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