Nov. 17, 2020. A little more than four years after turning off comments and directing everyone to Facebook, I’ve turned them back on. The move comes at a time when we’re all questioning our dependence on Facebook given the social-media giant’s role in spreading disinformation and subverting democracy across the world.

I will continue to post links on Facebook, and readers will be able to comment either there or here. But if you’d like to reduce your own use of the platform, I urge you to sign up for email delivery of Media Nation (click on “Follow This Blog” in the right-hand rail) and post your comments here. Your real name, first and last, is required.

3 thoughts on “Commenting

  1. Linda Clayton

    Discovered your show, Most excellent talk host, pleasant and so patient with callers, you greet them like friends.Cant get your signal in warmer months, will miss Nightside.
    Do look forward to listening every evening. .
    Kind regards Dan, You bring so much relaxation to this senior.

  2. I regret that commenting has largely moved to Facebook. Facebook feels very cramped to me, like being in a crowded store, or something — for me, Facebook is not nearly as conducive to composing a response as a blog page is. But I accept that things change.

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