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How’s that trade working out? (X)

Good grief.

How’s that trade working out? (IX)

This says it all: Arroyo (9-3) gave up a run in the first and Carlos Beltran’s 19th homer leading off the ninth. He struck out five and walked one in his third career complete game, second this season. “He’s a tremendous competitor. He is fearless, and one of the better pitchers in baseball — and […]

How’s that trade working out? (VIII)

“All’s not Wells for Red Sox” (Boston Herald); “Wells is hit after doing well” (Boston Globe). Sean McAdam: “Clement may be far from reliable, but how many fifth starters are? Now, with Wells’ expected absence, Clement’s role becomes larger and the Red Sox pitching shortage becomes more acute.”

How’s that trade working out? (VII)

By popular request! Bronson Arroyo on Monday: 7 innings, 6 hits, 1 earned run, 6 strikeouts, no walks. He’s now 6-2, and his 2.29 ERA leads the National League. Matt Clement on Wednesday: 4.1 innings, 9 hits, 8 earned runs, 4 strikeouts, 4 walks, 1 hit batter (that drove in a run). He’s now 4-4. […]

How’s that trade working out? (VI)

Great game, obviously. David Ortiz’s heroics aside, this would have been an automatic “L” if Theo hadn’t gotten Doug Mirabelli back. But the only reason to overlook this is if you think the Red Sox have, you know, too much pitching. Oh, wait. Obviously I’m wrong. David Wells says he feels better. Problem solved!

How’s that trade working out? (V)

So, who would you rather have seen pitching against the Blue Jays today? Bronson Arroyo or Lenny DiNardo? How about in the 12th inning of last night’s loss? Arroyo or Rudy Seanez? Hmmm. I guess I’d have to say Arroyo, based on his latest. And let me respond in advance to the comments I know […]

How’s that trade working out? (IV)

In the interest of fairness: Bronson Arroyo yesterday pitched five innings and gave up five earned runs, including two homers, in an 8-7 loss. Oh, yeah: He also went 0 for 2. But I never said he was a front-line pitcher — just more valuable than Wily Mo Peña.

How’s that trade working out? (III)

Karen Guregian (sub. req.) on how good Bronson Arroyo would look in a Red Sox uniform now that David Wells is back on the DL: As everyone knows, the Sox had a pretty darn good starter-in-reserve, a guy who was 10th in the American League in quality starts last season. But they traded him for […]

How’s that trade working out? (II)

Pitching lines, season to date: Bronson Arroyo, 2-0, 1.98, 13.2 IP, 11K David Wells, 0-1, 15.75, 4 IP, 1K Matt Clement, 1-1, 9.00, 11 IP, 8K OK, Wells is coming off surgery and will probably turn it around, and Arroyo will return to earth at some point. But does anyone have a good feeling about […]

How’s that trade working out?

Home runs to date: Bronson Arroyo, 2 Wily Mo Peña, 0 I hear Arroyo can pitch a little, too. Maybe he can play right field.

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