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How’s that trade working out? (III)

Karen Guregian (sub. req.) on how good Bronson Arroyo would look in a Red Sox uniform now that David Wells is back on the DL:

As everyone knows, the Sox had a pretty darn good starter-in-reserve, a guy who was 10th in the American League in quality starts last season. But they traded him for someone who played a line drive into a ground-rule double yesterday, someone who’s getting mock cheers when he actually makes a catch.

And this Chris Snow piece really makes it sound like Wells might be finished.

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How’s that trade working out? (IV)


  1. Fork Ball

    Our “Golden Boy,” Theo does leave dirty fingerprints. Maybe he’ll find BY Kim again. Or, actually show some talent and develop a slurve.

  2. The Babe

    Light Bulb!Why not trade Beckett for some “potential” that cannot field? Is Kim available?

  3. mike_b1

    I guess Boston’s first WS win in 86 years plus three straight playoffs isn’t enough for some people. What are you, anti-Semetic?

  4. Steve

    I’m on record as thinking this trade will work out given time. But I was at the game today, and MAN Wily scares me in the field. He misplayed a double and a single into a couple of triples. When we successfully played a single in the 8th, the crowd almost gave him a standing O.Manny made some nice plays in the tricky wind today, though. But he does get the adrenaline going.

  5. Anonymous

    It will be over for Wells sometime in the near future, but not this season. I think in a few weeks he’ll be ok with a bit more determination than he’s shown so far. For those who don’t like Wily Mo he’s a young guy with some trade value. If he doesn’t work out here perhaps he could find himself in Tampa in late June.

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