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How’s that trade working out? (IX)

This says it all:

Arroyo (9-3) gave up a run in the first and Carlos Beltran’s 19th homer leading off the ninth. He struck out five and walked one in his third career complete game, second this season.

“He’s a tremendous competitor. He is fearless, and one of the better pitchers in baseball — and I mean pitchers,” Cincinnati manager Jerry Narron said. “It’s a lot of fun to watch. You sometimes think it’s a lost art for guys that know how to pitch. He’s one of those guys.”

After David Wright’s one-out single, Arroyo retired Jose Valentin and Xavier Nady to end it on his 116th pitch.

“I didn’t take a pounding in any inning at all,” Arroyo said. “I had plenty left in the tank.”

But all hail Kyle Snyder.

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  1. mike_b1

    Yes, you’re right! Bronson Arroyo is The Greatest Pitcher Ever.The Greatest Pitcher EVER!

  2. John Farrell

    Okay-okay-okay–enough already! Show some mercy. Message received!:)

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Mike — Just better than Matt Clement and healthier than David Wells. And that was true last year, too.

  4. Anonymous

    is bronson on your fantasy team dan?

  5. metallicaMobes

    Ha, and how many Sox fans are sweating bullets over Willy Mo’s trip to the DL?Maybe 6?

  6. Anonymous

    Mike, you’re also not fun to try to engage in a reasonable debate. Did Dan or I (yes, it’s me again, the same Anon.) ever say he was the greatest? Have you noticed the difficulties a certain Boston team are having with their starting rotation and bullpen? I suppose they wouldn’t value a guy who can go 9 and deliver the win.And of course, Jerry Narron and I just don’t understand statistics.

  7. Anonymous

    And I guess the author of that AP piece doesn’t get math, either. Here’s a graf Dan omitted:”Arroyo, acquired from Boston March 20 for outfielder Wily Mo Peña in a trade that has worked out beautifully for the Reds, retired 10 in a row before Jose Reyes’s bloop single in the eighth.”Mike, you’ve got a lot of work to do, educating all the idiots in the world.

  8. WES

    graf? Perhaps gaffe?WMP very busy at the traing table.

  9. mike_b1

    What place is better than first?Just wondering.

  10. mike_b1

    Jerry Narron career managerial record:W 218 L 240 .478Clearly he’s the Greatest Manager EVER!

  11. Anonymous

    So Mike, you’re saying you have a better eye for pitching than a career baseball guy like Jerry Narron?What’s your career winning record as manager or GM?

  12. mike_b1

    I said, He’s the Greatest Manager EVER!

  13. metallicaMobes

    Yeah, and Pete Angelos is the Greatest Owner EVER!

  14. Don

    I’m sorry, Dan. I hope it doesn’t spoil your secret mission, or in your anguish, have you cancelled? “There’s always next year.” Ya, right. . . .

  15. Anonymous

    You know Dan, if you’re going to make an issue of The One Who Got Away, there’s that Pedro fellow …

  16. whispers

    Dan, nobody wanted to trade for Matt Clement or David Wells. If you thought the trade was bad at the time, props to you, but it’s still only been three months. Before going to Cincinnati, nobody, and I mean nobody, thuoght Arroyo would pitch as well as he has pitched this year. As for Pena, the verdict is still out on him. When he was playing, he was playing pretty well. Blaming him or Theo for the fact he got injured seems a little silly. I imagine Theo felt that, with all the young pitching at Pawtucket, that Arroyo was relatively expendable while the Sox would need another big bat, especially considering that Manny is likely to leave at the end of the season. (Somebody will overpay him – it always happens, and I certainly hope he stays.)I stick by my earlier comments: if Pena improves the way Ortiz improved when he came to Boston, this would be considered a good trade conditioned on the expectations of how Arroyo would pitch.

  17. Dan Kennedy

    Whispers — Sorry to repeat myself, but the Red Sox need the Arroyo of ’04 and ’05, and they knew it going into the season given Wells’ health and Clement’s — well, whatever. Pena was never about this year, and I thought the Sox were trying to win this year. It does look as though this is Arroyo’s career year, but I don’t blame Theo for that.

  18. mike_b1

    I like how you made a big deal of how bad the trade was at the time it was made, too.Wait, perhaps you didn’t…

  19. Anonymous

    What is the end game here? For the Sox front office to issue a “we bleeped up” press release? Even if true, it ain’t bringing the guy back. This discussion reeks of WEEI storyline mongering. The guy’s gone. Let it go.

  20. Dan Kennedy

    Mike — I didn’t write about it at the time. This isn’t primarily a sports blog. But I was upset. You’ll just have to take my word for it. Just like you’ll have to believe me that I was screaming at the TV set when Grady sent Pedro out for the eighth. Anyway, April 12 isn’t too bad.And Anon 9:54, there is no end game here other than lite entertainment. You may not find it entertaining, but every time I return to this topic, I get flooded with comments.

  21. Don

    6/21 — Jason Johnson? I really feel sorry for you now. It’s beginning to look like Tiger’s deals of the past.

  22. Unanimous

    End game? We don’ want no end game!This is Red Sox baseball.

  23. Steve

    6/21 – a glimmer of hope for the “that trade wasn’t so bad” side. (We haven’t had all that great a year, have we?)Lester!He wouldn’t have gotten this chance if we had Bronson.(grasps at straws)

  24. Dan Kennedy

    Steve — Even with Arroyo, Lester would be needed as the fifth starter. Lester is the brightest prospect in the system, and he’s ready. It’s Jason Johnson who wouldn’t be getting the chance.

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