Banksters demand that Senate Democrats silence Warren

This is really a remarkable story. In today’s Boston Globe, Annie Linskey reports that banksters from JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup have threatened to withhold payoffs (let’s not be too squeamish about what we call these payments) to Senate Democrats unless they can get Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown to shut up.

Warren has asked her supporters to raise $30,000 to make up the difference.

As the Globe notes, the story was first reported by Emily Flitter of Reuters, who adds the detail that Goldman Sachs and Bank of America are part of the cabal. Think about that the next time you visit the ATM.

More: Nice commentary by Charlie Pierce.

5 thoughts on “Banksters demand that Senate Democrats silence Warren

  1. John Emerhy

    And think about whose wife just resigned from Goldman Sachs so he’d be free to run for President.

  2. Patricia Bennett

    I actually don’t see what the problem is, other than hypocritical politicians demanded a “pay off” from those they are rallying against.

    And, for warren to be “shocked” that they would want something for their payoffs smacks of someone very out of touch. Do you really think voters think banks just give politicians this money without thinking about a return? Waht did warren think?

    We are not all as gullible as they wish.

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