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What New Haven could teach Ferguson about police video has posted an excerpt from “The Wired City” about a controversy over citizens’ video-recording police that played out in New Haven in 2010 and ’11 — relevant given the ongoing violence in Ferguson, Missouri, and the vital role of citizen video in documenting what is taking place on the streets.

As I tried to show, the New Haven Independent’s repeated coverage of the controversy helped lead to a number of reforms, including statements from the mayor and the police chief in support of the right to record; a training session at the city’s police academy; and a bill in the state legislature that didn’t pass but that served further to raise consciousness about the issue.

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  1. Mike Benedict

    Dan, something that has puzzled me about the reporting since the release of the video purporting to show Brown stealing from the convenience store: There’s been two autopsies but where’s the toxicology report? Also, if he lifted a box of cigars just minutes before, doesn’t it stand to reason he would still have them on his person? It seems that alleged crime could be cleared up rather quickly.

    Speaking of toxicology reports, the Boston Globe is going out of its way NOT to mention whether Corey Griffin was under the influence when he jumped off a 30 ft building at 2 a.m. last weekend. (They are calling it an “accidental drowning.” They haven’t even mentioned where he was in the hours prior to the jump. Good grief.) Yet Boston’s paper of record will note instantly when some random in-the-bag.driver steers himself off 495. What the hell.

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