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Some worthwhile online videos about Nelson Mandela

Since learning of Nelson Mandela’s death a few hours ago, I’ve watched:

  • The New York Times’ excellent video overview of his life.
  • The speech he gave after his release from prison.
  • A report from WGBH-TV’s old “Ten O’Clock News” on Mandela’s 1990 visit to Roxbury.
  • A clip from an interview Mandela did with Bill Moyers in 1991.
  • And, for good measure, Artists Against Apartheid’s video for “Sun City.” Where else can you see Miles Davis, Lou Reed and Miami Steve in one (virtual) place?

What I haven’t watched is any television coverage. It’s a new world, isn’t it?


Nelson Mandela and Danny Schechter


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  1. Mike Rice

    Yes, Dan – it’s a sad new world.

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