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Purcell: Globe to print Herald for next 10 years

Boston Herald publisher Pat Purcell sent the following announcement to his staff earlier this afternoon. A copy made its way to Media Nation.

TO: Boston Herald Employees
FROM: Pat Purcell
RE: Boston Herald/Boston Globe Printing Agreement
DATE: June 19, 2013

The Boston Herald and The Boston Globe will announce later today that we have reached an agreement that will allow the Globe to print the entire press run of the Herald. The agreement, which is in effect for 10 years, finishes a process begun in 2012, when we announced that the Globe would print and deliver about one-third of the Herald’s print circulation. The Globe will also handle our Sunday insert packaging.

The newspaper industry — as well as other traditional media companies — has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. In the face of that change, it has never been more important for us to implement ways in which we can be more efficient. While we will continue to compete for readers and advertisers, we also recognize that we can serve those audiences better and longer by cooperating in areas that are cost effective.

This arrangement will benefit our readers by offering editions with up-to-date sports scores and the latest in breaking news. The Herald will be as great a read as ever!

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  1. Laurence Kranich

    Hopefully this will end the ridiculously early deadline for the Sunday Herald. Last weekend my home-delivered Herald did not have the final score for the Bruins Stanley Cup playoff – a game that ended before 11 PM. And I live in Roslindale, just 6 miles from downtown. This announcement reminded me that the Sunday paper must still be printed in Chicopee.

  2. Laurence Glavin

    I was staying in the Berkshires not far from Pittsfield one weekend in July of that year. I dropped in to the local liberry (they call the Athenaeum) to check the Globe, Herald and te Berkshire Eagle as well as to use their computers to check my email, etc. It was BEFORE the contract with the Globe and ALL Heralds were printed in Chicopee, a relatively short distance away. The Globe as it often does had the final score of the previous night’s Red Sox loss, as did the Eagle. I observed that the Herald did not, and had no story at all about the previous night’s game. Since the Globe and the Eagle had it, I assumed the game was at the toilet the Red Sox play in or a city in the Eastern Time Zone.

  3. Well, this is really good news. So, whether it’s the Globe delivering the Herald or the Herald delivering the Globe, a lot of people out there with bird cages will be very pleased with this.

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