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The latest chapter for Donna Halper and Rush

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Click on image to watch Donna Halper’s interview with CTV

Friend of Media Nation Donna Halper has something new to celebrate. Rush, the Canadian progressive rock band that Halper discovered when she was music director at a Cleveland radio station, will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Halper, now a professor at Lesley University, was interviewed by CTV in Canada earlier this week. She’s also been written up in the Patriot Ledger and the Boston Globe. For more about Halper, just click here. Don’t miss her guest commentary on the death of radio following the demise of the over-the-air version of WFNX (still streaming online).

Being more a fan of roots music than prog-rock, I will admit to never having listened to a Rush album. At Halper’s recommendation, I tried out “Moving Pictures” on the way home last night. OK, I’m still not a prog-rock fan. But they sure can play.

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  1. Donna is also smart, diligent and hard-working, an admirable person.

  2. Andrew Snyder

    Good for her! But Rush isn’t really a very good band. In fact, they’re just this side of terrible. And radio is far from dead–it’s just mutating.

    • Why are they terrible ? Over 20 albums released, multi platinum records, album of the year and now the HOF. Really ? They must be terrible, selling out arenas, performing for the past 38 years together, yeah just horrible ….. 🙂

      Donna is a great friend and she deserves all the attention as much as Rush does…

  3. If it weren’t for Donna Halper picking up Rush’s first album in 1974, they would have still been plugging along in the Toronto club scene. She deserves a huge amount of credit for their entry into the RRHF.

    I bought my first Rush album in 1990 (Signals) in high school, purchasing a used cassette from Looney Tunes. I was enthralled and amazed by the lyrics and the music these folks put forward. I recently saw them Manchester, NH, on their first stop in their current tour, and they were mindblowing – the first time in 18 years I had the chance to see them live and they did not disappoint.

  4. Sean Griffin

    Not a Rush fan, but they deserve to be in the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame. But if Rush is in there, the infinitely superior Deep Purple deserve to be enshrined as well.

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