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What does Kushner’s Maine move mean for the Globe?

Aaron Kushner, the greeting-card mogul who’s been trying to buy the Boston Globe for the past year, is part of a group that is acquiring the Portland Press Herald and related properties, according to reports in the Press-Herald and the Globe.

So does the Kushner group see this as a first step toward its ultimate goal — or have the investors decided to focus their attention exclusively on Maine? Chris Harte, a former Press Herald president and a member of the investment group, won’t say, according to the Press Herald.

No one knows whether the New York Times Co. would sell the Globe or not. But certainly Janet Robinson’s sudden retirement as chief executive of the Times Co., followed quickly by the sale of 16 smaller papers, has sparked speculation that the Globe might be on the block.

I recently rounded up the long, rocky history of the Times Co. and the Globe for the Huffington Post.

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  1. L.K. Collins

    Your Pavlovian salivation over everything Globe, Dan, is amusing to watch.

    Here, again, you are puffing rumors and conjectures with little or no factual support.

    Becoming a habit of yours.

  2. Mike Benedict

    Wasn’t the Globe already on the block?


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