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So much for the Republican A-team

Andy Card decides not to run for governor senator. Although I find myself agreeing with Howie Carr — it would be better for the future of the Republican Party if Scott Brown can use the Senate race to build his name recognition.

Ed Markey’s not running, either. No surprise there — he’s got too much seniority in the House.

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  1. Local Editor

    Jack E. Robinson has reportedly taken out papers

  2. One small typo – “he decided not to run for senator” not governor – Freudian slip? 🙂

  3. O-FISH-L

    Dan how is Andy Card “the Republican A team,” when he hasn’t been elected in these parts in close to 30 years (even then, just from tiny Holbrook) and much more recently he’s been a key part of a Presidential administration despised here?

    Scott Brown is far and away the A-team and Card appears to have recognized same with his endorsement. Brown has been elected regularly by 1/40th of the state, even vanquishing a progressive standard bearer supposedly representing the best that liberalism has to offer.

    Brown’s stance on the issues, his military background, likeable celebrity family and his ability to do the almost impossible –get elected regularly to the state Senate as a Republican– makes him a terrific, inspiring candidate, especially against the dull Coakley.

    This isn’t about name recognition for Brown for some future race, this is about the best chance for a Republican victory since Ed Brooke. I wouldn’t be discounting Brown, especially in this field.

  4. newshound

    O-Fish-L – well said.

  5. mike_b1

    Let’s be correct: There is no Republican A team in the Commonwealth. Just a bunch of wannabes and never-weres.

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