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Follow the bouncing sports talkers

So why did the Boston Globe and WEEI Radio (AM 850) reach an agreement that will allow Globe sportswriters to appear on the station for the first time in years, as the Boston Phoenix’s Adam Reilly reported yesterday?

According to the Boston Herald’s Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa, Globe sportswriter Tony Massarotti is about to jump ship to WBZ-FM (98.5 FM), the CBS-owned all-sports station that will begin competing with WEEI this fall. Massarotti was a constant on ‘EEI when he was with the Herald.

Bringing the Globe-‘EEI war to a peaceful conclusion would presumably open the way for (a) Massarotti to return to that station or, more likely, (b) beef up ‘EEI as it seeks to compete with a new afternoon show on WBZ-FM that would be co-hosted by Massarotti and Mike Felger, though it’s not entirely clear what is going on.

Weirdly enough, Globe sports-media columnist Chad Finn tweets that Globe writers will be allowed to phone in, but not be in the studio, for WEEI’s highly rated morning and afternoon drive programs, “Dennis & Callahan” and “The Big Show,” although an exception will be made if a Globie has a chance to co-host “D&C.” (Via Boston Sports Media.)

In looking over this item, it appears I may have only added to the confusion. My work here is done. You’re welcome.

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  1. Mr Punch

    Apparently the Globe does not want its staffers to be in the same room with both Dennis and Callahan. Seems reasonable, actually.

  2. O-FISH-L

    File this one under, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." Dennis and Callahan have enjoyed tremendous success in recent years with a populist, traditional, right-of-center message. At the same time, the Globe was in freefall peddling its ultra-liberal agenda. Not surprising then, that El Globo would would reach for a lifeline from their ideologocial enemies at this stage. Any port in a storm, as they say.

  3. Dot Lane

    Oh good. I've been waiting to hear Jeff Jacoby's views on the Celtics. He'll fit right into D and C's know-nothingism.

  4. Dunwich

    "Globe was in freefall" It's wasn't their "agenda." It was their business model. The "NY Post" doesn't make any money either. All newspapers are in trouble. They've lost a generation (or two). WEEI is unpleasant on several levels. BZ-FM may not be better, but they will sound decidedly better.

  5. Amused

    Actually, allowing phone-in to the most controvesial programs and prohibiting in-studio on the more controversial programs makes some sense.In studio, a Globbie would be perceived as part of the gang hosting the show, while on the phone, the reporter is more obviously a guest being interviewed, rather than a participant in an entire program segment. The phone context seems to shield the Globe guest from responsibility for the bile since the Globbie would essentially be interviewed b the program hosts, while in studio carries an impression that he or she is participating in the longer-form program.

  6. Al

    do D&C even have in-studio guests? It would make sense for the Globe staffers to be in-studio for The Big Show. Besides, maybe that would enable them to finally jettison Larry Johnson, who might be the worst guest/co-host on the station.

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