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Must-see TV

“Greater Boston” has posted the video of Emily Rooney’s interview with Boston Globe editor Marty Baron.

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  1. meamoeba

    dan, why is that "must see?" he said nothing and rather expansively at that. although i do plan on waching it again when i get home. i've been having trouble sleeping.

  2. NewsHound

    This might have been the worst interview I have ever seen on TV.Why in the world did he even accept the invitation if he wasn't willing to have a friendly, forthcoming conversation?At least Ms. Rooney kept trying and treated him with dignity, courtesy and respect. If he is ever interviewed by Katie Couric and displays the same attitude, he's mince meat.What a bore!

  3. julie

    For a newsman, Baron's refusal to answer questions forthrightly and honestly reduce his credibility. One wonders why he agreed to the interview if he had no intention of participating. Emily Rooney should be insulted by Baron's arrogance.

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