Obama, Gates and racism

President Obama stepped on his health-care message last night when he said more about the Henry Louis Gates arrest than he should have — especially since, as he himself admitted, he didn’t know the facts.

But critics who tut-tut whenever Obama reminds us that he is indeed an African-American who has experienced his share of racism might want to consider the debilitating effects of crap like this and this.


56 thoughts on “Obama, Gates and racism

  1. NewsHound

    To Amused – your post about how the arrest was abusive and unjustifiable under the law was excellent.And to meamoeba: Your last post about how the president has called Officer Crowley on the telephone is excellent, too. Thanks.

  2. mike_b1

    matteomht, having been to China 9 times in the past 8 years, I can say with authority you can most certainly enter the country with any kind of respiratory illness. As for the Crowley apologists, what's clear is that this is one the courts will decide, and I'll bet dollars to donuts Gates wins and whitey loses. Remember — you're the clowns who keep bringing up race. Gates is a 60 year old man who walks with a cane and was in the presence of the limo driver who had just driven him home. Crowley by all accounts denied him his civil rights. With a good lawyer, race won't even matter.

  3. lkcape

    And Gates was stupid to mouth off!And Obama was stupid to inject himself in into the situation! As we survey the battlefield, there are three losers in the exchange: Gates, Obama, and race relations.

  4. lkcape

    One really doesn't help one's cause with the statement "whitey loses."It may leave an impression of one's own ….. well, I'll just let that speak for itself.

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