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Show us the money (III)

The Boston Globe today runs an “Editor’s Note” saying that Ariel Ayanna, whose family was the subject of a feel-good story about people trying to get by with less money, “never meant to suggest” that he isn’t looking for a job.

It will be interesting to see if this is the end of it.

Update: And, no, that wasn’t the end of it. The Ayannas have posted a blog item taking issue with both the Editor’s Note and with a letter to the editor that they submitted and then retracted because of proposed cuts that they say eliminated most of their criticism of the Globe.

“I guess I was pretty naive to think I could express myself accurately and without censorship,” writes Amiri Ayanna.

My offer for the Globe to respond here remains on the table.

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  1. One Crazy Family

    Wow! The correction Kortney Stringer emailed to us and to which we agreed is not the correction printed in the Globe! I am amazed. The version they told us they were going to print is on our blog:

  2. One Crazy Family

    Given the discrepancy between what we had agreed upon with Ms. Stringer in the “Editor’s Note” / Correction, I am relieved to have retracted my Letter to the Editor in its entirety. I can only imagine the hack job that would have been performed upon it.Amiri

  3. NewsHound

    Dan – you are the one who raised a red flag on this in the beginning. Why wasn’t this caught by the Globe editors before being published?We all know if the truth of this story wasn’t good enough it shouldn’t have been published. A few twists and turns and it becomes a better story. Typical!Congratulations, Dan, for flushing this out – but of course, you are, at minimum, a passionate professional with integrity.

  4. Amused

    The Globe should respond to what?Someone who considers herself the “lead family” in a story with an anecdotal lead? Someone who considers herself above editing, despite a rather long-winded way of getting to the point? Someone who thinks interviews deserve do-overs? Someone who thinks taking exception to how your comments appear in the newspaper carries with it the right to negotiate a clarification?Kindly tell Ms Ayanna that she is excused.

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