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Maureen Dowd accused of plagiarism

And it looks like a mighty compelling case. Watch for her to say that she mixed up her notes. (Via Jay Rosen.)

Update: Dowd responds. And I was wrong. She’s claiming a friend fed her the line.

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  1. bostonmediawatch

    I don’t care much for Maureen Dowd, but that’s a pretty inconsequential instance of plagiarism. Lazy, yeah. Shows that she wanted to use the structure and forgot to rewrite it.The original passage is wholly unremarkable.If person A wrote “1 + 1 = 2” and person B wrote “1 + 1 equals 2”, would anyone care?

  2. Amused

    I agreed with bostonmediawatch. Then I read her explanation.I regret to say, it’s a crock.

  3. mike_b1

    Hey, when a cop speeds outside of the line of duty, he’s still breaking the law.I guarantee this will send every Tom, Dick and Harry into the archives searching for other possible infractions. (Nothing wrong with that, either.)

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