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Pension scandals are forever with us

The Boston Globe’s Sean Murphy has been doing some terrific work recently on the scandal that is the Massachusetts public pension system. As Michael Jonas notes at CommonWealth Unbound, similar stories were published in CommonWealth Magazine five and seven years ago.

Unfortunately, the only thing we seem to have learned is that, eventually, the public forgets.

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  1. FBTeditor

    It’s not that the public forgets, it’s that the public outrage has no avenue of relief since Massachusetts is solidly a one party state. As long as the person caught in the scandal is related, a friend of or is a local/state official with a (D) after his name and the issue isn’t too costly or blatant, the public’s anger is simply ignored by those who committed the offense as they know the same citizens calling for their heads will vote the straight Democrat slate in the next election. Now if there was a vibrant Republican party …

  2. Southie

    Perhaps we have learned that no one reads Commonwealth Magazine!

  3. mjonas

    Well, Southie, maybe this shows that more people should. Michael JonasCommonWealth magazine

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