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When I’m (one of) 64

Michael Prager singles out Media Nation as one of 64 notable Boston Web sites in this Sunday’s Boston Globe Magazine. There are a lot of terrific local bloggers in his roundup, and a few I don’t know about, so I’ve got some checking out to do.

Prager somehow finds the space to poke fun at my prediction that the Red Sox would fall short in the postseason this year, in large measure because of Josh Beckett’s injury. Even though they, uh, fell short, in large measure because of Beckett’s injury.

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  1. Esther

    Congratulations! It’s definitely some well-deserved recognition. And thanks for all the advice and encouragement you’ve given me with my blog.

  2. O'Reilly

    If you are in the top 64 in the ‘all categories’ where do you come in in the ‘media commentary and news analysis’ category?

  3. Dan Kennedy

    O’Reilly: Nothing is ranked. You’re either in the 64 or you’re not. I would hope that most people would think more highly of Media Nation than Boston Indymedia, and in fact Michael is pretty sarcastic about them. But I guess that’s for others to decide.Not to dislocate my shoulders while patting myself on the back, but of the five sites in my category, I’m the only solo act.

  4. Cody

    Well deserved, DK. Congratulations.

  5. MeTheSheeple

    I’m a big fan of, Charlie Baker’s site. It’s even better when it’s matched up with Paul Levy’s But, then, I guess maybe health care isn’t an important business in this state. … =)Congrats, DK!

  6. Dan Kennedy

    Thank you, Sheeple. True confession: Despite my enormous respect and affection for Paul Levy, health-care news bores the hell out of me.

  7. MeTheSheeple

    DK — I don’t know Paul Levy, but Charlie Baker’s not exactly dumber than a bowl full of oranges. To take a healthcare example from his town, where he used to be a selectman: A change in insurance companies a year ago could have saved $600,000, including some dozens of jobs. This year, when the change was approved, it still saved $600,000. Arcane? Sure. Important? Absolutely. A simple switch in a municipal insurance plan amounted to savings of about $50 per resident, man-woman-child. There were also expected to be savings for most of the employees under the plan.(I’m not saying one insurance plan was better than another, but the financial difference to the town has not been in dispute.) Think about what efforts to save money within those health programs might do. There was an interesting article in the Globe’s ideas section two weeks ago, that the Great Depression today would cause not so much soup lines, but emergency room lines.For the first time in my life, I’ll itemize taxes this year — not because of a mortgage, but because my family’s spent so much money on health care it’s become worthwhile. And if we could deduct for the dogs, that’d be even bigger. =)MTS, just for himselfAnnnd back to DK with the glory.

  8. Mike from Norwell

    Me the Sheeple, (and I hope not to bore you Dan), but wait until your town (and the commonwealth for that matter) has to come to grips with GASB 45. No more pay as you go accounting for retiree medical costs. It will make some for some interesting town meetings for sure this winter/spring when you’re looking at a trebling of accounting costs for health care.Just an actuary giving some warning.

  9. Ani

    Why have we developed so much medical treatment if we can’t pay for it?And congratulations, Dan, on your recognition in the Globe.

  10. Doug Shugarts

    Dan,Congratulations on a thoughtful, relevant blog. The topics you choose are spot-on, and I enjoy the discussions with (most) other commenters here.Happy Holidays!

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