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Reinventing the Herald

Part of a never-ending series! The Phoenix’s Adam Reilly suggests that publisher Pat Purcell beef up the tabloid’s already-good sports section so that it can claim bragging rights over the Globe.

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  1. Rich

    Purcell can start by dropping Tomase and whatever editor approved his walkthrough “story”. Seeing Tomase hung out to dry by his pal Walsh is the second-best thing about yesterday’s developments.

  2. Anonymous

    Well, okay, but one way Adam would “beef up” the sports department is by transferring a reporter or two from the newsroom. But there’s no one to spare! They’ll be in danger of being outgunned by the Metro.Plus, covering sports is expensive with all the road trips. And, it doesn’t produce much revenue: look at all the ad-free pages in the Globe’s sports section. The Herald has a lot of ads for sure, but mostly when they put their automotive classifieds in the sports section.The Baltimore News American tried going all-sports in 1983. Their “Sports F1rst” tabloid lasted one year. Two years after that, the paper itself was gone for good.

  3. Not Whitey Bulger

    They’ve already beefed up their sports coverage. “The Girls” have been tabloid-izing Brady and Belichick for a few years now.

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