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The end of the media road

In my latest for the Guardian, I argue that Hillary Clinton has finally reached the end of the media road. The new narrative isn’t that she’s losing, but that she’s lost, and that the only thing reporters want to know now is when she’ll get out.

I made similar points this morning on New England Cable News.

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  1. Anonymous

    Where are you in that NECN clip? Just curious.

  2. jvwalt

    It’s pretty stunning, really, that the pundits did such a quick 180. The math has been basically unchanged for quite a while; it’s like a football game where one team has a significant lead and the commentators keep saying it’s not too late for a comeback, until there’s like one minute left in the game and they suddenly declare it’s all over. Tuesday’s results were not game-changers; they were just more time running off the clock. As with football broadcasters, it’s in the interest of TV pundits and politics-obsessed cable nets to keep the suspense alive as long as they can. Because of the rules of the primary/caucus system and his very strong core support, an Obama victory has been virtually inevitable since February, but that fact has rarely been acknowledged. Until now, when it suddenly becomes accepted wisdom.

  3. I Love Radiohead

    Absolutely. She’s done. The only question is does she get out with any class or not? Does she try to unite the party? Or does she try to hurt Obama so she can run again in 2012 (does she really think Democrats would forgive her for that?)

  4. Don, American

    But Bubba hasn’t started twisting arms yet. It will be either she or AlGore.The Prophet

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