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News for sale

Here’s something from a story in today’s New York Times about a new advertising campaign for Ritz crackers that would have stirred outrage 10 years ago but that, today, sadly, seems like business as usual:

The “Ritz. Open for Fun” campaign may fly, or it may thud, but one thing is certain: It will be hard to miss. Starting at dusk on Monday, light projections scattered across Manhattan will show Ritz crackers merrily bouncing in and out of a box. Anyone at home watching “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” on ABC will see local newscasters asking celebrants to describe their idea of fun — with a Ritz logo on the screen.

And, of course, there will be commercials.

Sounds to me like the commercials will be redundant.

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  1. Anonymous

    In a day when there are no absolutes about right and wrong, this is to be expected. We reap what we sow.

  2. Anonymous

    Since when is Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve a “news show?”

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Anon 9:30: The show frequently cuts away to local stations, where news reporters cover celebrations in their own communities. And, in the case of ABC’s New York affiliate, alleged journalists are going to be drafted into an advertising campaign on behalf of Ritz crackers.

  4. Anonymous

    Is there anything that’s more tawdry than the local TV news? I would feel less embarassment being caught watching wrestling or late-night Cinemax.Bob in Peabody

  5. DJS

    But folks, please! We all know that advertising and advertising alone will save the day for Journalism.Don’t we?

  6. Larz

    Is the New Year’s Eve thing news? I weigh in on the “no” side, even though the presentation of some of it is conducted in a style similar to news broadcasts. You could ask a similar question about programs like Today.

  7. Dan Kennedy

    Larz: You’re right, but there’s a big problem here. The New Year’s Eve celebration may not be news, but if you’ve got your news reporters out covering it, you just can’t let them take part in a commercial.

  8. Jerry

    If you can find fun in a Ritz cracker you need to re-examine your life.

  9. O-FISH-L

    If this means that Rachael Ray is no longer endorsing Ritz Crackers, than I’m all for it. Talk about annoying! If I hear “good to go” or “de-lish” one more time, I’m throwing the remote.Perhaps the reporters can replace her on the Dunkin’ Donuts ads next.

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