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The multimedia journalist

I’ve set up class blogs for the two courses I’m teaching this spring — Reinventing the News: The Journalism of the Web and Journalism Ethics and Issues. I expect I’ll be putting a lot of energy into those sites over the next few months. If you’re interested in what we’re talking about, I hope you’ll bookmark them or add them to your RSS reader.

I’ve already posted to Reinventing the News, using two examples from today’s Boston Globe to show that print journalists are now routinely stretching themselves with video and audio. Reinventing the News will also feature student blogs once the semester begins.

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  1. mike_b1

    The Concord Monitor broke with tradition and penned an editorial on why Romney should not be the next president. Mitt has a residency there, that’s a double-whammy. See ya!

  2. Tony

    Umm, yeah, but as I note here, it’s a bit strange, considering two months ago they had another editorial saying he understood America’s problems:

  3. mike_b1

    They changed their mind and hoped no one would notice. How Mitt-like.

  4. Local Editor

    “Journalists whose primary job is to write for print or for the Web are not necessarily going to have to become multimedia experts, shooting and editing video, assembling narrated photo packages and the like.”But, it sure helps, especially for that first job.

  5. Anonymous

    Hey, Dan, any idea what’s up with the Globe’s Web site today? The morning email came in, but as of 2:30 this afternoon, attempts to click through are still returning a blank page with the words “Problem with the database.”

  6. Dan Kennedy

    Looks OK to me. Is there a specific part of the site you’re having trouble with?

  7. DJS

    Anon 2:35 & Dan -For some reason, I haven’t received the Globe’s RSS feed of the City Weekly section since mid November. Or the daily City section.Was there a change to the Globe’s RSS feeds I’m not aware of?Sorry to post a little late and off-topic.

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