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“Dennis & Callahan” non-update

There is absolutely nothing new on the “Dennis & Callahan” front this morning, so I’m not going to pretend otherwise. The roundup of coverage begins with David Scott. From there, move on to the Herald (here and here), the Globe and, finally, Save WRKO, which pores over a line supposedly excised from the Herald like a Roman priest examining sheep entrails.

For my money, the most insightful commentary today comes from Media Nation’s own Amused but Informed Observer, even though I disagree with him (her?) that this is nothing more than a stunt. For the record — to borrow a wonderful phrase from Curt Schilling — I also disagree with Amused about Scott’s inherent toolness. But there you go.

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  1. Anonymous

    Well, since the well of speculation is drying up, let’s shine a light on a very little-discussed dilemma developping here:Whose deal do you do first? Who jumps ship first? Thanks to EntercomBoston’s idiocy, we have two competing interests here: Is Howie staying in his slot? if yes, then D&C will have leverage with less ‘heavy’ competition in the morning dial and will have an easier time with advertisers and ratings. Is he leaving? then he is competition to them, whereever they end up and that affects their ability to compete and demand high salalries. And then, would Entercom have a more eager reason to at least entice D&C if Howie is gone anyway? Would they come closer to the $1.5 million demand? I think so.Are D&C going first? does that make it harder for Entercom to let Howie go easily without a tough fight? I am not sure if Howie is coordinating with D&C and what they think of each other’s plight.N.

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