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Cheap (free!) entertainment

Susan M. of Beyond 495, Bob of Blue Mass Group and I have been going at it for a good part of the day. Enjoy. And, yes, I had to look up “prat.”

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  1. Neil

    Coincidentally I just bought Life with Jeeves for kid’s birthday. In the annals of pratdom, you can’t do better than Hugh Laurie’s portrayal of Bertie Wooster. A quote from the Sunday Times:Stephen Fry’s patient and knowing Jeeves is matched by Laurie’s mastery of the mien of a total prat.Is the accuser from Blighty? I read the comments till I saw, “There is a culture in blogging that…”, and “…you clearly don’t understand blogging culture.” Ah, not interested in building the blogging community is it then. Web browsers! Feh. Anybody who didn’t use VAXnotes in its heyday is too late to this game to be taken seriously, of course.As to Dan, in spite of his disinterest in BTC, as Bertie might observe:I say Jeeves, prat’s a bit jolly strong!

  2. mike_b1

    I guess the lesson here is never get into a pissing contest with a woman who has a bigger, ah, *mouthpiece* than you.

  3. Obviouslyachump

    Watching bloggers piss on each other is about as interesting as listening to wacky DJs slag each other for four hours. Although I will say that woman’s name calling didn’t really help her cause, I think. Dan – 1, Shrill chick – 0.

  4. Anonymous

    EB3 here,See how they get personal with you.I know what i am. But their constant hypocrisy is amusing. Their attacks against msm usually follow the pattern they used here.the complaint is always 2 pronged.1. you don’t credit the offended blog when they make an observation similiar to yours. – Like ” I think Tom Brady is the best player on the patriots”. If BMG ever said that than everyone else stole it.and2. You have written something less than glowing against Deval or Obama.after establishing the 2 prerequisites they then can attack you personally.Unlike me of course. I don’t need no stinkin’ prerequisites to make personal attacks.

  5. Peter Porcupine

    Dan – gives ‘prattle’ a whole new edge when you’ve checked the etymology, wot?

  6. Anonymous

    Dan-The sound of one hand clapping here..The real lesson…Just like wrestling a pig; you are going to end up dirty and the pig likes it.Why bother?

  7. Neil

    I like that wrestling a pig quote from the anonymous comment above. In fact just saw it twice within a minute. It’s also in Rule 8 of the code.Alas, if only more people understood the blogging culture, the code wouldn’t be necessary…

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