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Please come to Lowell

The New England News Forum is holding its coming-out party tomorrow at UMass Lowell. I’ll be on a panel from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. on “The Blogger as Journalist: Making New Law and Definitions,” along with Christine Stuart of and Robert Cox, founder of the Media Bloggers Association.

It looks like a great program. If you can make it, I hope you’ll look me up.

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  1. Peter Porcupine

    I am distressed that I cannot come Easter weekend when family obligations prevent it, as looking at the program is tantalizing.I deliberately chose my persona of Peter Porcupine because he was a pamphleteer, the most widely read political writer of his day, and I felt that blogs WERE the new pamphleteer-media.Too bad it’s 300 miles away.

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