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Million Dollar Howie?

Carolyn Johnson reports in the Globe that Howie Carr last year made $790,000 from WRKO Radio (AM 680), the station from which he is now seeking a less-than-amicable divorce. If you figure in what he’s making as a Herald columnist, I’ll bet he’s at $1 million or close to it — and that’s not counting whatever he’s making from his book, “The Brothers Bulger.”

That ought to put things in perspective the next time he goes off on some poor bastard grasping for another $10,000.

Over on Cape Cod Today, Peter Kenney offers some thoughts and insight into the Carr-Cary Pahigian relationship. Kenney gets at something very odd: the propriety of Pahigian, an executive with one radio company, freelancing as an agent and messing with the star property of another radio company.

Howie’s unusual agent

This is way inside baseball, but it’s odd enough to mention. Both the Globe (which quotes me) and the Herald, in reporting on WRKO’s countersuit against Howie Carr, note that Carr’s agent is Cary Pahigian.

But Pahigian is a radio management guy of long standing. As recently as late June, he was oozing sincerity in front of the FCC in his capacity as president and general manager of Saga Communications’ Portland (Maine) Radio Group. He’s still listed in that capacity on Saga’s Web site.

One of Saga’s Maine stations, WGAN (AM 560), carries Carr’s show from 3 to 5 p.m. every weekday. And in the late 1990s, when Pahigian was running a hate radio station on Cape Cod owned by the late auto magnate Ernie Boch, he carried Carr’s show and provided airtime to Carr’s then-sidekick Giles Threadgold.

So clearly there are ties between Carr and Pahigian. Still, it’s pretty unusual for someone to walk both sides of the management-talent divide.

By the way, Howie was still doing his WRKO show yesterday. What a strange situation.

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