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Million Dollar Howie?

Carolyn Johnson reports in the Globe that Howie Carr last year made $790,000 from WRKO Radio (AM 680), the station from which he is now seeking a less-than-amicable divorce. If you figure in what he’s making as a Herald columnist, I’ll bet he’s at $1 million or close to it — and that’s not counting whatever he’s making from his book, “The Brothers Bulger.”

That ought to put things in perspective the next time he goes off on some poor bastard grasping for another $10,000.

Over on Cape Cod Today, Peter Kenney offers some thoughts and insight into the Carr-Cary Pahigian relationship. Kenney gets at something very odd: the propriety of Pahigian, an executive with one radio company, freelancing as an agent and messing with the star property of another radio company.

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Howie’s unusual agent


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  1. BostonMaggie

    I don’t see how the two points relate. Howie makes his money from a private company. He answers to his employer and his employer answers, I presume, to a board or stockholders. There is nothing sneaky or underhanded about it.When Howie beefs about state workers, etc., he’s talking about tax money. He points out people who are not earning the money they get. It’s completely different.I am a Howie fan, but I feel the same way about radio personalities I don’t like (for example Jay Severin and Tommy Taxes).

  2. mike_b1

    That’s only about 10% less than you make, right Dan?Seriously, it’s a big much to take when guys like Carr hold themselves up to be looking out for the little guy when in fact they have way more in common — and reason — to protect the big guys. He has a lot in common with certain televangelists, past and present, too. Reverend Carr?

  3. Anonymous

    The amazing thing is that Carr gets paid at all.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s the old Cash-N-Carr-y.The only thing I would really really like to know is how much he gives to charity.How much he makes doesn’t matter to me. He is a, cheap, angry….-fill in the blank- no matter what he makes. You can argue he deserves it given that other severed-from-decency jocks already make that much, Howie brings more to the table. TomFinn makes probably about half of that at least, so you can argue Howie brings to wrko way more than double what Tommy adds.(were are those anonymous wrko insider tipsters when you need them?)N.

  5. Anonymous

    Actually from the Great Gadfly link you provide, it reads:”As host of WRKO’s afternoon talk program from 4:00 to 7:00 Monday through Friday”Huh? 4PM?N.

  6. Anonymous

    EB3 Here,The thing is Maggie, Howie has never seen a govt. employees salary that he thought was too little. It is ridiculous for the Senate Pres. and Speaker of House to be making $70,000.Howie thinks $40,000 is too much for someone in govt to be making. I guess goods and services are cheaper for state workers than for those in the private sector.What’s funny is that the people Howie appeals to the most are the uneducated, lower middle class who feel they have gotten a bum deal. Howie plays to this and acts like he is one of them.There is more to life than money, but you would not know that by listening to Howie.

  7. Anonymous

    EB3 here again.Maggie, the “Tommy Taxes” moniker given to Finneran by Howie is an example of Howie’s propaganda. Check it out. Finneran is very conservative and did more to save this state money than any recent pol. including Romney and Weld.That is a fact most liberals and conservatives in the know would agree with.What you know is what Howie tells you. Not good Maggie.

  8. Keohane

    I’m actually with Maggie on this one, though I do think it makes Howie look like pretty self-dramatizing for the “indentured servant” remark. Can you imagine if Finneran said something like that? Howie would be so far up Tommy’s ass all you’d see were shoelaces. He’d do 15 columns on it.

  9. Anonymous

    Curiously, there was no hard-hitting expose about Tim & Julie of Duxbury, when these Globies on the editorial side were together pulling down mid to high six figures from their manse in the historic district. Guess being PC has its benefits….

  10. Anonymous

    If they can’t come to an accomodation, Howie could always move to L.A.,,1,1897524,full.story?coll=la-headlines-frontpage&ctrack=1&cset=trueWould he love this one or what?

  11. Rick from Dorchester

    Sounds like he’s a bit underpaid by WRKO. I always thought he was earning closer to 900 thousand.Probably one of the reasons he’s jumping ship.

  12. Man who thinks Howie Carr is a hypocritical bonehead

    State workers’ salaries are also, by and large, artificially high as they are required to contribute a set amount to the state pension fund. Generally speaking, they “lose” more of their paycheck to that pension than most private sector workers “lose” to an IRA or 401k. So a guy making $40k for the state is roughly equivalent to making perhaps $36k or $38k in the private sector. Before you say that’s not all that much, remember that $4000 is the equivalent to about 5 months of rent. So is “not all that much” the same as being homeless for nearly half the year?$40k alone is mighty slim pickens given the high COL anywhere near the city, so anything below that is downright painful.Rev. Howie’s also preaching to people who will never have power or money, but are nonetheless convinced that someday they will, and therefore feel it’d be hypocritical to act differently today. This is an amazingly pervasive attitude in America today; everyone thinks they’ll be multimillionaires someday, nobody realizes that the numbers say the exact opposite.Everyone loves to be lied to, I guess.

  13. jvwalt

    I suppose Howie could have said something about “picking Jason Wolfe’s cotton”…

  14. Anonymous

    I agree that the Senate President and the House Speaker are paid $70,000.Here in New Hampshire, we pay our legislators $100 per year. One hundred dollars. They have to have REAL jobs — or be independently wealthy — so they don’t have the time to pass new laws and new taxes and otherwise cause mischief.In Massachusetts, it’s their job — their career — and they feel they have to justify their pay by passing new laws and new taxes all the time. And you are welcome to them.J.Jay TeaMain Page

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