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The Doctor is in: Why a respected media analyst decided to start a local news site

Ken Doctor. Via Newsonomics.

For a number of years, Ken Doctor was among our most valuable observers of the news business through his Newsonomics website and his must-read articles at Nieman Lab.

A former Knight Ridder executive, Doctor recently rejoined the ranks of working journalists. He’s the founder and CEO of Lookout Local, a digital local news site in Santa Cruz, California. Ken hopes that Lookout Local can provide a model of what works in the local news ecosystem. He says he wants to change the conversation.

In Quick Takes for the week, I share my crowdsourced research on independent news organizations in Massachusetts, and Ellen Clegg unpacks a study published by an economic think tank in Cambridge that quantifies the impact when hedge funds acquire local newspapers.

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  1. sentinelstore

    Dan. Thank you oh so very much for this list. As I build out Broadsheet, a targeted ad network for national brands to find the engaged readers of local, independent journalism, this is of huge freaking help!!


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