Subsidizing local news: The hopes and fears of a Harvard Law professor

The challenge in providing government assistance to ease the local news crisis is to find ways of helping those who really need it while keeping the bad actors out. Which is why Martha Minow said this week that she’s “hopeful” but “fearful” about a federal bill that would create tax credits to subsidize subscribers, advertisers and news organizations.

“What I’m troubled about is: What’s local news, who defines it and how do we prevent the manipulation of this by multinational corporations?” she said. “That’s a problem, and I don’t know anyone who’s come up with an answer for that.”

Read the rest at GBH News.

One thought on “Subsidizing local news: The hopes and fears of a Harvard Law professor

  1. pauljbass

    Because of the perils she identifies, I think we’re all better off without this bill in the independent local news universe. People in government are the last people should be able to define what legitimate news organizations look like. Even if they can weed out pink slime, they will end up empowering the failws dying corporate media model that stands in the way of true innovation and grassroots empowerment. The problem had always been favoritism towards the elite corporate media. Elected officials and policymakers are no more the friends a ne allies of independent public interest thn are the corporate publishers who have always exploited and failed our communities.

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