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A bizarre tale about Sheldon Adelson, a judge and a Connecticut publisher

Sheldon Adelson. Photo (cc) 2013 by East Coast Gambler.

Sheldon Adelson, the casino mogul who was also the owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, has died at the age of 87.

A Dorchester native and supporter of Donald Trump, Adelson was at the center of one of the more bizarre newspaper sagas of recent years. In 2015, he secretly bought the Review-Journal, and Michael Schroeder, the executive he had brought in to run it, ran a lengthy screed against a Nevada judge with whom Adelson had gotten crosswise — not in the Review-Journal, but in Connecticut newspapers that Schroeder owned. Also connected, at least tangentially: longtime Boston-area newspaper publisher Russel Pergament.

Schroeder’s involvement was exposed by Christine Stuart, the editor and co-owner of CT News Junkie, a state political news site based in Hartford. I wrote about Stuart’s role at the time.

No word on the fate of the Review-Journal now that Adelson has passed from the scene.

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1 Comment

  1. Marcus J Breen

    The death of Adelson should mark a significant moment in the ending of a pernicious, reactionary, identity-based, self-serving rich man’s media, based on profits from the egregious exploitation of human greed, gambling. At least the Murdochs … oh, forget it!

    I’ll say it here: Adelson’s support for Zionist Israel, especially Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party’s expansionist Jewish settlement policies, against the Palestinian heritage of land ownership and sovereignty along with Adelson’s racist supremacist attitudes, will not be missed by me and many thousands (millions) of Palestinians, liberals and radical democrats everywhere.

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