No indeed.

No indeed.

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It has come to my attention that there’s still an edition of The Boston Globe that’s printed on paper. I learned about this strange fact on Twitter this morning, where there is an outcry from home-delivery customers whose paper is nowhere to be found after the Globe switched to a new delivery system this week. Here’s Jason Tuohey, editor of

Well, yes, you can always do that. We’ve been unaffected because we’re Sunday-only print subscribers who read the Globe online the rest of the week. But people who pay a premium for home delivery of the print edition are not happy, and rightly so.

We recently received a notice from our excellent delivery person that she’ll continue to deliver the Globe on Sundays, but not The New York Times; she had been handling both. So now there’s twice the opportunity for a screw-up as well as double the tip. After all, it’s as much work to deliver two papers as one, and now we’ll have two carriers.

I know it’s the holidays. I’m certainly not going to do any heavy lifting this week. But I hope the Boston Business JournalBoston magazine, the Boston Herald and even the Globe itself are gearing up to report on what went wrong with the transition. Adam Gaffin of Universal Hub has compiled some angry and amusing tweets from Globe home-delivery customers who sound like they might soon be former customers. And here’s one of my favorites, which didn’t make Adam’s cut:

I’d say the Globe has until the end of this week to get it right. Otherwise there are going to be serious repercussions.

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