A Marathon tale of tragedy and triumph

Recently I had a chance to see an early version of “Undaunted,” a documentary by Boston Globe reporter David Abel about Juli Windsor, the first person with dwarfism to finish the Boston Marathon. But that doesn’t even begin to describe the drama. Windsor nearly completed the 2013 Marathon only to be turned back near the end after the bombing attack.

“Undaunted” tells the story of that day and of Windsor’s quest to compete in 2014. Andrea Shea recently reported on Abel’s project for WBUR Radio. With the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev now getting under way, I thought you might find the trailer above to be considerably more uplifting.

5 thoughts on “A Marathon tale of tragedy and triumph

  1. There was another runner with dwarfism who ran that year, a man. I remember reading about the pair a week or so before the race, and kept an eye out for them on the course. I passed him on Beacon Street as we crossed the Pike. I remember how tired I was, and how impressed I was with him given that for every step I took, he must have taken three. That inspiration helped me through the next mile or so, until I was stopped on Comm Ave. I bet he was stopped somewhere around Kenmore or Mass Ave.

    1. Dan Kennedy

      @Brian: That was my friend John Young. He had to drop out of Boston last year, but he has run marathons. He’s planning to try again this year.

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