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Tracking down a mysterious community news venture

It’s only Jan. 2, and we already have a New Year’s media mystery. Who is Amerisave Media? And what is the Middlesex County Connector?

Here is the company’s “About” statement:

Amerisave Media is a publishing company that places great value in ethics, timely reporting, community, and small business. Ethically, we believe in not only reaching the highest of journalistic standards, but doing so through a medium that holds importance and respect for the earth. In that regard, Amerisave Media aspires to always and exclusively produce literature that can be found online. And, there’s no better way to disseminate timely information than online, where our readers can have their community’s news reported almost as it occurs. Community matters to us, that’s why through our courageous ingenuity we have implemented a revenue model that provides the most for small businesses and the people who can make them prosper. We want more for the journalism industry, we want more for our readers and we want more for your communities. We are ready to work hard to obtain it.

Want to work for them? Here is their ad at

As for who’s behind it, a “whois” search of revealed nothing, since it is privacy-protected. However, someone named Paul Bonfiglio, who lives in a Boston suburb, registered and six other domain names on Nov. 6. I was able to track down five of the six, so perhaps the seventh is Here they are:


I’m sending Bonfiglio an email and will post a follow-up if I hear from him.

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  1. Looks like they’re seeking members to participate in savings from advertisers. Will be interesting to learn more about this model and if it can work.

    From the site (

    Amerisave Media is excited to offer our readers entry into our membership program. It’s not just how we create our revenue, it’s how we save money for our readers and create business for our sponsoring advertisers. It’s a win-win-win proposition that we know you’ll be excited to get behind.

    How much savings can you earn? Well, it’s not a stretch to think you could save a thousand or more, but a more conservative estimate will have you saving a couple hundred annually. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please click on this link:

  2. As a long time New England journalist, I was also interested to see the post and curious about being unable to find out much about the company. I’d be glad to learn whatever you do. Thank you.

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