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A harrowing case of sexual assault on campus

This is long but worth it: a deep dive into a case of sexual assault on campus by Walt Bogdanich of The New York Times. If you’ve ever thought that the college form of justice discriminates against men and subjects them to unfounded accusations, here is an example of just the opposite occurring.

For more, here is my friend Kristen Lombardi’s series “Sexual Assault on Campus: A Frustrating Search for Justice,” which she reported for the Center for Public Integrity.

Please feel free to get angry at George Will all over again.

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  1. Paul Sweeney

    Another good look at the college form of justice is “The Price of Silence” by William D. Cohan about the now infamous case of the Duke University’s handling of the accusation that several lacrosse team members raped a stripper at their fraternity. Universities have no business in the criminal investigation of felonies no matter who the victims or accused are, no matter where the crimes take place–they just don’t have the expertise to do justice neither to the victim(s) nor to the accused. A university’s only involvement should be to comply with court orders such as preservation of evidence and enforcement of restraining orders and to ensure that the victim has all the physical and mental support available.

    • Andy Koppel

      I agree but, in this case, the behavior of the police was no better. See the final section of the article for a detailing of the utter incompetence and stubbornness of the investigating detective.

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