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Boston Globe, moving farther apart

There’s a bit of non-baseball news at the end of Boston Globe baseball reporter Peter Abraham’s latest:

Finally, a programming note. All our written content will be exclusively in the Globe and on from now on. That includes Nick Cafardo, Dan Shaughnessy, Chris Gasper, Julian Benbow and me. The Extra Bases blog on will not have contributions from Globe baseball reporters.

The move is in accord with an announcement recently made by Globe editor Brian McGrory, so it’s not really a surprise — more of a confirmation. With the Globe’s online paywall a lot leakier than it used to be, there’s really no need for cross-platform sharing anymore.

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  1. Aaron Read

    I see they’ve also revamped the site and it’s broken a lot of previously-bookmarked links.

    Not sure about the new mobile site. It certainly looks a lot nicer, but it’s also not very mobile-friendly. Hopefully it can fix a major problem with the old mobile site: about half the non-text content wouldn’t load, correctly or at all, and about 10% of the links (including off the home page) just went 404 for no reason.

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