Kevin Convey to chair Quinnipiac’s journalism program

Kevin Convey
Kevin Convey

Good news for journalism students at Quinnipiac University: Kevin Convey, former editor of the Boston Herald and the New York Daily News, has been named chair of the university’s well-regarded journalism department.

Convey got his master’s degree at City University of New York after he lost his job at the Daily News. Last year Capital New York published a feature on Convey’s journey from editor to student. (Note: I covered Convey during his Herald days as The Boston Phoenix’s media columnist.)

At Quinnipiac, Convey will have ready access to two of the more interesting experiments in finding a sustainable model for local journalism: the nonprofit online-only New Haven Independent and the for-profit regional newspaper, the New Haven Register, part of the struggling but innovative Digital First Media chain.

Congratulations and best wishes to Kevin.

2 thoughts on “Kevin Convey to chair Quinnipiac’s journalism program

  1. David McKay Wilson

    and I love this quote from Convey about journalism:

    “The process of being a journalist is the process of educating yourself in something new, all the time,” he said. “It’s all about learning and teaching yourself, and that’s what a liberal arts education did for me. I learned how to learn, and then teach it. Assimilating knowledge and reassembling it in an intelligible way for readers is at the crux of what we do.”

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