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A big hire for the Globe — and an intriguing idea

This may not be an exact analogy, but it looks like The Boston Globe is thinking in terms of networks. The paper just announced a major hire — John Allen, who covers the Vatican for the National Catholic Reporter. And the press release includes this intriguing quote from Globe editor Brian McGrory:

He will be a correspondent first and foremost. He will be an analyst on all things Catholic. He will also help us explore the very real possibility of launching a free-standing publication devoted to Catholicism, drawing in other correspondents and leading voices from near and far.

Allowing entrepreneurial journalists like Ezra Klein to operate semi-independently inside a traditional news operation like The Washington Post is one way to embrace the network. Another way is to do what the Globe is considering — treat the news organization as a hub, with various spokes feeding into it.

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  1. Andy Koppel

    In my view, this is the most creative hire the Globe has made in quite some time. I have heard John Allen interviewed on numerous occasions. Unlike national figures like Bill Donohue, he brings a dispassionate, uncombative approach to his commentary.

    Given the prominence in the news of Pope Francis, the Affordable Care Act and contraception, and abortion, not to mention the ongoing effects of the pedophilia scandal, his voice should be welcome on what will be a more visible platform.

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