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Globe versus Herald: Elizabeth Warren edition

Politico posted a feature late Sunday afternoon on the state of the rivalry between the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald over Elizabeth Warren’s questionable Cherokee roots. I’m quoted near the end.

And is it just me, or have things between the two papers been heating up since the Globe began printing and distributing the Herald earlier this year?

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  1. L.K. Collins

    Of course, Dan, the news that they have been reporting has absolutely nothing to do with whats going on.

    It’s all a corporate vendetta between the two. The underlying events are irrelevant.

    The Herald is eating the Globe’s lunch right now because they are actually looking into things that the Globe has been willing to ignore.

    I see a few more of these little hand grenades being lobbed before election day in November.

  2. Laurence Kranich

    In February’s Suffolk/WHDH poll, Brown led by 9 points, last week his lead was 1. This suggests voters have other things on their minds as they figure out who will best represent them in DC. The Herald has not printed one word about this poll, or nearly anything even neutral about “Liz.” Some bash the Globe for bias, but it’s a bastion of fairness compared to the one-track Herald.

  3. Laurence Glavin

    The Herald may believe it will get a Pulitzer if Warren withdraws from the race. However, the Pulitzer committee tends NOT to confer prizes on “newspapers” who refer to people in the news as “Granny”, “Liz” or “Lizzie”.

  4. C. E. Stead

    DK- so your thesis is that the Globe is the New York Yankees? Bloated, arrogant, purchasing and ruining talent? Ultimately bad for the game?

  5. Aaron Read

    And is it just me, or have things between the two papers been heating up since the Globe began printing and distributing the Herald earlier this year?

    I think it’s a coincidence, Dan. This election year was always going to be exceedingly nasty with all the fringe-group anti-Obama loonies latching onto any excuse to spout something crazy. Massachusetts just has the unfortunate luck to ALSO be home to what’ll be a very competitive (and equally nasty) Senate race.

    FWIW, last night I decided that this is actually good for Warren. This thoroughly-stupid, media-created “controversy” is happening early enough that it’s unlikely to be a deciding factor, but with luck enough people on Warren’s staff will realize that it’s exposed a dangerously high level of Coakley Dismissiveness Disease in the campaign, and work to fix it.

  6. Bob Nelson

    The Herald is really pushing against Warren. They broke the not-a-Cherokee story and now they have info about the OWS
    supporter flipping houses for big profit. I don’t think Warren will withdraw, she’s in it till the end (I think
    “Elizabeth Warren” may be Cherokee for “Martha Coakley”).
    Today we’ll see if she gets a primary battle vs. Marisa
    DeFranco. Far from dividing the party, it may force her to
    strengthen her message with a couple debate tilts that will give her training for future debates versus Brown. The big money and momentum is with Warren, though it would be a real story if DeFranco (assuming she’s allowed onto the ballot)
    were to defeat her in the Sep. 6 primary.

    Or maybe we’re just back to the days of smoke filled rooms.

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