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How news execs can avoid the online ad meltdown

Writing in Technology Review, the noted media critic Michael Wolff says Facebook is doomed — and is going to take the Web down with it. The reason: online advertising, ubiquitous and not particularly lucrative, is in a death spiral.

In my latest for the Nieman Journalism Lab, I take a look at Wolff’s analysis, and suggest some ways that news organizations can avoid the meltdown.

And thank you to Harvey Silverglate for pointing me to Wolff’s provocative essay.

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  1. Strecker

    “Hows”? (I’m a sucker for style and spelling.)

    • Dan Kennedy

      I am making a very rare exception to my real-names/full-names commenting policy to credit @Strecker with pointing out my boneheaded typo. Now fixed.

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