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Donna Halper on Boston radio history

Friend of Media Nation Donna Halper (soon to be Dr. Halper) recently spoke about her new book, “Boston Radio: 1920-2010,” on Quincy cable television.

If you’re in the Quincy area, be advised that Halper will be speaking Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the main branch of the Thomas Crane Public Library. I’d get over there if I were you. (Disclosure: I get a mention in the book.)

Hoping to see Dr. Halper at a North Shore bookstore sometime in the near future.

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  1. Stephen Stein

    I’ll get that book just to see what she has to say about the WCAS crowd. And I’m sure she has something about the revolutionary days of ‘BCN. If Halper has a speaking schedule, I’d love to hear about it. (Suggestion: Willow Books in Acton!)

  2. Donna L. Halper

    Unfortunately, I was unable to get any good photos of WCAS, but the station lives on (fondly) in my recollections, and one day, I hope to find some photos I can use for volume 2 of the book!

  3. Stephen Stein

    Well, I still have a vinyl of Great American Earth Opera, which WCAS used for their daily sign-off. And I’m still wondering if Rick Starr the car guy is the same as Rick Starr the WCAS guy.

  4. Donna L. Halper

    I used to use Earth Opera as my sign off– “Home to You.” Great song. Rick Starr is still alive– he was in Pittsburgh radio for a long time, but I don’t think he’s the same person as the car guy.

  5. Stephen Stein

    Donna, do you have a speaking schedule? A tour of Massachusetts bookstores (before they all close)?

  6. Sean Griffin

    Two articles to consider:
    Why a liberal Jewish feminist loves WND
    By Donna L. Halper

    and this:
    Right-wing publisher: We run “some misinformation”
    WorldNetDaily’s Joseph Farah explains the journalistic standards at his Birther news website

  7. Just found out about Donna’s book (Boston Radio) today and have ordered it. My first job in radio was at WHIL in Medford in 1953 using my real name, Al Bennett. Dave Maynard was my first program director. The door to radio broadcasting was opened for me thanks to my two mentors, Norm Prescott and Ed Penney. Without the direction they gave me I probably never would have made it. While at WEAM in Washington DC, my radio name became Johnny Dark and was changed legally. Donna knows me from my many years at WCAO in Baltimore and WEAM and WBIG-FM in Washington. Donna’s passion for this industry and its history is truly something special. I was so fortunate to be born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and to have grown up in that area where listening to the radio was not only entertaining but, for me, a learning experience. I’ve been blessed with good health and continue to do a three hour radio show daily. I’m headed into my 57th year.

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