By Dan Kennedy • The press, politics, technology, culture and other passions turns 2

Congratulations to, a network of hyperlocal sites in the Worcester area that is celebrating its second anniversary. With a reported 150,000 unique visitors a month, the sites are a locally owned journalism success story, and a tribute to the hard work invested by publisher Jack Schofield and editor Jennifer Lord Paluzzi.

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  1. BJ Roche

    This is great news for the people who live in those communities and for local journalism because these folks are figuring out how to make local journalism work on the web.

    Jenn spoke to our students at UMass last year, and she was a real inspiration, both as an entrepreneur and as a journalist.

  2. Kevin O'Brien

    I live in Shrewsbury and check out Central Mass news every day. Great resource for news and I hope the financials work out so it continues for a long time.

  3. I enjoy reading the Shrewsbury news on a regular basis and I think it is really useful that you can easily log in and see the headlines from eight other surrounding communities too. What a terrific resource we have right at our finger tips! Keep up the good work, Central Mass News. Lisa Bradley

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