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Tweaking comments

I’ve extended the time for commenting back out to seven days.

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  1. Robin Edgar

    Thank you Dan. That is "fair enough" as they say although I would prefer a longer time. OTOH You spoke about moderation so does that mean that you can release relevant follow-up comments from moderation at your discretion?

  2. Dan Kennedy

    I deleted the ones to older Gates posts, and will keep doing it. I wasn't kidding. There are newer posts you can comment on. Even better, why not give it a rest?

  3. Robin Edgar

    You deleted comments that I had posted prior to your "moderation" Dan? Sounds like "memory holing" if that's what you mean. I guess I will have to check me download archive and see just was "disappeared".Why should I "give it a rest" more than anyone else? Are my comments less relevant than anyone else's Dan? At least I have most of the facts straight, which is me than can be said for many people commenting on this issue who are talking through their hat because they are speaking out of ignorance of the available facts.

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Robin: No. Sorry. I deleted comments to older Gates posts that had not yet gone up, which is what I said I was going to do. As for you giving it a rest, I am referring to quantity.

  5. lkcape

    The man of highest political stature has guaranteed that this topic will be alive for a while longer.Give it a rest, Dan? So that Obama and Gates can continue to spin their mistakes?And now, it seems, that the 911 call made no mention of race.What does that imply about the situation? That Crowley went just thinking that it was a B&E in progress? Where does racial profiling fit in here?The Gates apologists may just have some more apologizing to do.And BTW, just what DOES "recalibrate my remarks" mean?

  6. Robin Edgar

    Good question. . .I'm guessing it means shooting himself in the foot with a bullet from a 2mm Kolibri instead of a police issue 45 caliber service pistol. 🙂

  7. Robin Edgar

    Apology and explanation accepted Dan. And please accept my apologies for anything I may have done to offend you. I can assure you that I did not intentionally go out of my way to offend you other than some good natured fun poking. Speaking of which. . .Thanks for the inspiration lkcape. 😉

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