Fountain and Kennedy on Cronkite

My Northeastern University colleague Chuck Fountain and I discuss the legacy of Walter Cronkite in a webcast posted on the university’s Web site.

3 thoughts on “Fountain and Kennedy on Cronkite

  1. Amused

    Paper cups, water bottles, chairs that encourage participantns to slouch and some cable sports or news network on a monitor in the background. Beats the overly-ambitious sets and mind-grating graphics of the "professional" talking-heads shows any day.

  2. Stephen Babcock

    Oh how this brings me back! I miss listening to you two! But of course I have a point to add…Isn't the news landscape actually missing someone who inspires the kind of trust of a Cronkite? Sure the days of the imperial figures are gone, but isn't there a possibility that we could go back to square one if a dominating figure emerged from the ashes of what some still generously call the network newscasts?

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Steve: Great to hear from you — you've got to tell me what you're up to. Are you still in New Orleans? I hope not.I think we've had a number of anchors who were as good (or almost as good) as Cronkite. Ted Koppel, in particular, comes to mind. For that matter, I think all three network anchors now are perfectly fine.But in an era of media fragmentation, you can't have a Cronkite, because you'll never have 50 or 60 percent of the country sitting down to watch one newscast. As a culture we don't even agree on what's true anymore.I could go on and on (and on). But that's my starting point.

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