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Liveblogging the Sotomayor hearings

Fans of former Boston Herald political reporter/blogger Kimberly Atkins will be interested to know that she’s liveblogging the Sonia Sotomayor hearings for her current employer, Lawyers USA. Atkins, a lawyer, is a staff reporter for the publication.

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  1. Steve

    Nice short blow-by-blow comments.There are more extended essays about certain points at issue by Andrew Pincus(co-director of the Yale Law School Supreme Court Clinic) as well as streaming video of there hearings at TPM here. It takes more time to read the essays, but that liveblog doesn't update nearly as often.I'll try to follow both – browser tabs are my friends!

  2. Aaron Read

    I loved the zinger by All Things Considered host Robert Siegel and the correspondent (I forget his name) actually reporting on the hearings: that the Sotomayor before the Senate today bares virtually zero resemblance to the judge they've been researching the past several weeks. They agreed that she's intentionally being as bland, boring and uninformative as possible because her confirmation is almost guaranteed unless she, God forbid, says something controversial or intelligent.

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