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If only David Brudnoy had lived to see it

One side benefit related to the demise of WBCN Radio (104.1 FM) is that CBS will move Bruins games from WBZ (AM 1030) to the new WBZ-FM (98.5 FM).

The late, legendary WBZ talk-show host David Brudnoy spent years lamenting the frequent Bruins interruptions. Ironically, the beneficiary of the move will be Dan Rea, who, unlike Brudnoy, is a hockey fan.

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  1. rozzie02131

    Rea may benefit from these changes, or he may not. Bruins play-by-play brought new listeners to WBZ and that is no easy task for AM stations. Plus (and Brudnoy would be shocked to find this out), people-meter ratings have indicated higher ratings for Bruins games than regular programming on WBZ.

  2. acf

    Is the 'BZ sports station going to be serious sports talk for real fans, or more buffoonery like 'EEI has been delivering for years? Keep the rants, the whinerline, and the conservative racist moderators, and give me real sports discussion. Leave the garbage to political radio.

  3. Greg Reibman

    Dan: I had the exact same thought yesterday. Bruds did hate being preempted by hockey, but for his friends who had day jobs, it was pretty much the only time we could get together. So I was actually pretty happy when Bruins season kicked in.

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Greg: The Bruins also gave David a lot of much-needed nights off during the last few years, when he was battling AIDS and cancer.

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