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Lynch’s non-signing statement

Meaghan Maher, press secretary to U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch, has sent along the following statement as to why Lynch didn’t sign the Massachusetts congressional delegation’s letter to New York Times Co. chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. asking him not to shut down the Boston Globe:

Congressman Lynch felt that, while he respects the decision of others who decided otherwise, given his own position, it was inappropriate and a conflict of interest for him to sign onto this letter.

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  1. acf

    I read the letter, and I can’t see any reason within it for Cong. Lynch not to have signed it. Of course, the reason is more likely found within the heart of the district which is his home, and provides the bulk of his support – South Boston. No South Boston politician will ever forgive the Globe’s response to the school busing crisis.

  2. O-FISH-L

    With the Boston Globe championing the bloodshed of 50 million dead babies, how could US Rep. Steve Lynch, or anyone else who appreciates the sanctity of human life, endorse a document that begins, “For well over a century, The Globe has been an immense asset to Boston?”Indeed, the Globe has been an immense asset to the abortion industry but an iron fist for precious, unborn children. Kudos to Rep. Steve Lynch. At least someone in our delegation has integrity. Dan, you mislead with your headline “The Congressman who wasn’t there.” Lynch has always been there to hear the cries from the tiniest of our people. It’s the other politicians, in chasing poll numbers and popularity, who haven’t been there.

  3. mike_b1

    It’s a conflict of interest for Lynch to support his constituents?What a laugh. O-Fish: what’s going to happen when you die and all you find is worms, not god. All those anti-abortion comments, wasted!

  4. Amused

    Oh great. A guy known as a wack-job, who was headed for defeat in the Republican primary will now run as a Democrat so he can lose in the general rather than the primary.As for Olympia Snow, Maine Democrats ought to simply give her their nomination in 2012, and claim her as one of their own.

  5. NewsHound

    For many years the “Globe has been an immense asset” to its owners and employees – – – they have been rewarded well in the past. It was a long honeymoon.

  6. mike_b1

    It’s highly unlikely — almost inconceivable — Pa. will vote out Specter in the general election. Sitting multi-term senators who aren’t under indictment are as close to a slam-dunk as you can find.

  7. rozzie02131

    Bring back Phil Dunkelbarger!**Lynch’s last challenger, who lost by a 77-23% margin in the 2006 primary, largely in opposition to Lynch’s support of the Iraq war.

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