More on the Globe’s not-so-imminent demise

Greg Wayland of NECN talks with Steve Burgard, director of Northeastern’s School of Journalism, and me about the 24/7 Wall Street prediction that the Boston Globe may go under or go online-only before the year is out.

5 thoughts on “More on the Globe’s not-so-imminent demise

  1. calliman

    Does anyone know what happening with James Carroll at the Globe? He hasn’t written a column in over a month.

  2. Bill H.

    James Carroll is writing a book and is taking time away from his newspaper column. He returns to the Globe, I believe, sometime in May.

  3. Ron Newman

    At the end of the NECN report, how is it that Greg Wayland does not know the difference between Time magazine and the New York Times?

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Ron: Thank you for watching all the way to the end. πŸ˜‰ I thought the Time magazine logo was a nice touch, too.

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