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NewsTrust: The J-hunt continues

Five more stories on journalism for your perusal:

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  1. Peter Porcupine

    DK – I liked your comment on the Armstrong piece, but perhaps he was trying to say that only ONE media, i.e. newspapers, IS dying?

  2. Neil

    PP, see famous aphorism by the daddy of all media chin-scratchers.I thought he was referring to the slow death of some Mexican “day” theme. Dan I see there’s a NewsTrust label. Capital idea!

  3. Neil

    PP+, after reading Armstrong’s piece I’d agree, that his moniker ought to be themediumisdying, as he’s just talking about newspapers, after all. Wouldn’t papersaredying be more clear? Once you’ve got lots of twit-buddies or whatever they’re called, it’s probably too much bother to change it.I agree with Dan, not much groundbreaking thought (“Don’t get me wrong–we need the media and journalism.” A brave stance!) This is all getting pretty meta–where to post comments–here, NewsTrust, or BusinessWeek?

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