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Seeking advice on social media for journalists

This Friday I’m leading a workshop on blogging and social media for journalists at the annual New England Press Association convention. I’m expecting a fairly savvy group — not likely to be too many outright novices. Any advice?

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  1. MeTheSheeple

    From an earlier NICAR discussion: else’s favorite line, which I love, from the New York Times’ guide:“In general, being a “friend” of someone on Facebook is almost meaningless and does not signify the kind of relationship that could pose a conflict of interest for a reporter or editor writing about that person.”

  2. NewsHound

    Try to be nice to each other.

  3. Marc Larocque

    Talk about Twittering a funeral! I think that was an interesting experiment, albeit very controversial.Discuss the ethics of social media in relation to journalism. can Twitter and other social media like Facebook work in the newsroom.

  4. Marc Larocque

    Here’s the link

  5. Leslie

    Tell them there’s a Drudge-sized fortune to be made by some ethical (read “non-Drudge”) journalist who can set up a site that’s as simply and cleanly constructed as Drudge’s and who’ll keep on breaking news as Drudge does. I look at Drudge several times a day, because he’s on it, even though I’m cringing at his ridiculously slanted and/or totally inaccurate screamer heads or his use of bad photos of anybody he doesn’t like (any Democrat and any middle-aged woman for openers) etc., then I find my own saner sources for breaking news I’m interested in. I’d switch in a NY minute to such a page and I’m sure millions of literate others would and this non-Drudge journalist could make a Drudge-sized pile on the ads. Adding a URL to the relevant local or area newspapers when a national story is breaking wouldn’t be a bad idea for everyone concerned. (Maybe if I rewrite this I can manage to use “Drudge” a few MORE times…sorry, no edit time, this is just a fly-by.)Leslie

  6. bostonmediawatch

    1) Anybody ever get fed a good story via a facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. contact?2) Anybody troll said “places” for ideas?3) If you’re a working journalist, do you feel you can you have a “personal” social networking page(s), or is it too much of a risk to your professional credibility?

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